Privacy Policy for our Apps

Rusty Quest (version 1.15) and Triangle Flip (version 2.3) do not use, store or transfer any of your private information. We don’t use any additional app analytics or ad frameworks.


Earlier versions of our apps:

Mobile App Analytics (used in our iOS Apps)
Flurry Analytics (Yahoo! Inc.)
Flurry Analytics is an app analytics library provided by Yahoo! Inc. (“Yahoo”).
Yahoo Flurry Analytics is used in our iOS apps – it is NOT used on our website.
Yahoo collects and stores usage data when our apps are used, and enables us to create different reports, so we can find out how our users are using the apps (e.g. which levels are played, which parts of the game might be too hard for many players, how long it takes to complete a level, which features are used, …).
We do not store any of our users’ personal data (like email, name, …), nor are we able to see such data in reports generated by Yahoo Flurry Analytics.
Yahoo may use the data for other purposes as well.
Personal Data collected: Usage Data.