Press Release Triangle Flip

Code Handwerker GmbH is thrilled to announce, that Triangle Flip is available on the App Store. Triangle Flip is an interesting and fun puzzle game for the iPhone and the iPad.

The player is presented with a minimalistic triangular playing board consisting of triangles of two colors. By swiping across a row of triangles, all of the row’s triangles change their color. The goal is to make all triangles the same color. This starts easy, but of course it becomes harder, as the number of triangles increases.

“We invested much effort into making Triangle Flip’s controls as simple as possible. The only gesture the player needs for this game is swiping across a row of triangles. This feels very intuitive and natural to the player.” explains Helmut Rubasch, owner and founder of Code Handwerker GmbH.

Triangle Flip is free and ad-supported. It requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 9.0 or later.

App Store Link:

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