Press Release Rusty Quest

Code Handwerker GmbH is thrilled to announce, that Rusty Quest is available on the App Store. Rusty Quest is an action packed jump and run shooter for the iPhone and the iPad, in which the player has to save the world form alien robots and machines.

Rusty Quest transfers the player into a post apocalyptic setting, where alien robots have taken over the world. It’s the player’s task to fight those machines and save the planet from the invasion. Different extra weapons and powerful vehicles can be used to achieve this goal.

The game character is controlled using on screen dual stick controls, the left thumb controlling the movement of the player and the right thumb controlling the weapons. While many mobile games require only tapping on the screen, Rusty Quest’s sophisticated controls allow the player to control the character’s movement (walking, running, jumping, ducking, crawling, climbing) while at the same time specifying which enemy to shoot at.

“Rusty Quest gives the mobile player back control over the game character. While people love single tap games on their mobile devices, where you just have to touch the screen at the right time, many players want to control their character like they do it on their gaming console. They want to play such games on their phone or tablet. Rusty Quest gives this kind of control to the gaming enthusiasts” explains Helmut Rubasch, owner and founder of Code Handwerker GmbH.

Rusty Quest is free and ad-supported. It requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 8.0 or later.

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